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Precision during subassembly provides advantages during final assembly: Quicker lead times, lower assembly costs. NET1AX or NET05AX with 3-DIM PC-Basic represent a giant step forward in reaching this goal. Our measuring and survey systems can be employed successfully in the following fields and applications:

  • The geometry of components is frequently affected by several production steps due to the heat generated during and by welding. High precision checks and comparisons after each production process help provide information about the effects such as welding parameters and welding sequences. Reproducibility is increased if the ramifications of the welding shrinkage are known and corresponding countermeasures are put in place as early as the component design phase.
  • The geometry of sections manufactured during prefabrication can be checked before entering the final assembly phase. Expensive and time-consuming reworking can be avoided or reduced to a minimum. The linking of subassembled sections can be simulated by the 3-D software before actually joining them.
  • Generating and positioning subassembly sections.
  • Scanning the ship hull.
  • Automatic marking of nominal positions on curved surfaces.

Production in the shipbuilding industry is rather individualized. This is why 3-DIM was equipped with highly effective test and inspection planning tools. Comparison of measured to target values, data archiving in a database, and statistical analyses are convincing advantages of an advanced comprehensive and standardized data processing system.

The use of the system has led to profound changes in production and is fast becoming the measuring tool of choice for shipbuilders.

NET instruments + 3-DIM PC-Basic is an indispensable tool for precision production.

Advantages of Our Measuring Systems:

  • Easy to use and install, quick setup
  • High accuracy
  • Instrument alignment with only two known measuring point
  • Measurements possible in floating dock
  • Extended data flow simplifies documentation: Instrument -> Field logger (3-DIM Observer) -> PC software (3-DIM PC-Basic)-> PC software (3-DIM CAD-Port)-> Other PC software (e.g. 3-DIM PT or Excel)
  • Mobile: The instrument is easily transported to the contractor to measure vendor parts

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Scanning Thor Heyerdahl (758 kB)


Ship repair and new building – shipyard machine equipment

ShipGLM delivers survey equipment for shipyards:


  • High precision checks / comparisons after production stage
  • The geometry of sections manufactured during prefabrication will be checked before entering the final assembly phase
  • discrete single point orientated measuring procedure
  • Generating and positioning subassembly sections
  • Scanning the ship hull
  • Automatic marking of nominal positions on curved surfaces
  • Reflectorless measurement
  • Laser pointer
  • Ultra narrow visible laser
  • Built in LED’s for target illumination
  • Measuring and documentation Software
  • Target marks and reflectors
  • For tracing positioning processes under full weather conditions
  • short-time Coordinate transforming postprocessor for singlepoint measuring
  • Separate equipment for axis-alignment (3-D)
  • Autonomous, motorized stations with microprocessor controlled remote controller and “in field” monitor
  • Simultaneous use of more than one measuring station applicable (one object)
  • Main processing by a standard Laptop/Handheld for operational useindex.php
  • Major functions with easy graphical access, non proprietary network functionality
  • Raw and processed data storage in a full access database


   Technological basic parameters of instrument

  • Angle accuracy: 0,05mm per 10m
  • Distance accuracy: 0,6mm – 0,8mm
  • Shortest measurement distance: 0,3m
  • Processing time: 1,5s
  • Measuring rate: <0,5s in repeat mode
  • Volume axis alignment and real time comparison: x, y, z
  • Alignment accuracy: Less than 2mm
  • Battery range: one shift


This Spec meets requirements for new building and repair shipyards and offshore construction companies.

Would you like more information or do you wish to make an appointment? Please simply write to a E-Mail.

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Ship repair and new building shipyard machine equipment Print (59 kB)
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