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GLM Setting-Out Adapter

absteckadapter-titanGLM presents two completely new target media adapters to set out oordinates in the sub-millimeter range.With GLMs “3-DIM Observer Motorized” and Sokkia’s “NET05AXII” the results to be expected are in the 1/10 of a mm range. But how do you get such high degrees of precision, for example, when tracing a machine bed in an actual application or production environment?

Without appropriate setting-out adapter, a lot of accuracy would be lost.Our “SMR1.5_setting_out_adapter_Titan” (setting out adapter) is excellently suited for setting out points on the ground or on objects. The strong magnetic clamp that holds the BSK or SMR even works overhead. After the exact position is found, users can now easily trace or mark as desired.

absteckadapter-koernerThe “SMR1. 5_setting_out_adapter_Körner” (punch setting out adapter) is another new development. This adapter is ideal for setting out ground points. Once the coordinate has been reached by sliding the adapter, a small tap with a hammer suffices. The hardened punch leaves a precise marking. There is probably no other tool that allows for faster point determination than this adapter!

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