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Maintenance, repair and calibration
of optical measurement instruments


GLM Lasermeßtechnik operates a laboratory dedicated to the maintenance, repair, and calibration of tachymeters (total stations), theodolites, and precision levels (from the company Sokkia).  This laboratory is equipped with a collimator, a laser interferometer, and a short and long test track. This equipment is essential for the proper and precise calibration of optical measurement instruments. The laboratory is also staffed by specially trained personnel. During an inspection, instrument is subjected to a variety of tests, including the following:


  • Checking the functionality of all controls (tripod, clamps, focusing ring, possibly lubrication, etc.)
  • Checking and cleaning of all optical elements
  • Checking and adjusting all integrated levels
  • Checking and adjusting the tilt sensor (especially in terms of measurement range and tolerances)
  • Checking and adjusting vertical index errors
  • Checking and adjusting collimation errors
  • Checking and adjusting tilting axis errors
  • Checking and adjusting optical plummet errors
  • Checking and adjusting optical and measurement target line
  • Checking the distance measurement (EDM check)
  • Checking the battery pack and charger


Fleet management

Tachymeters are often in constant use. A large rental fleet enables GLM to make available to our customers an equal instrument during the maintenance or repair process. Well thought out scheduling reduces maintenance and service time to just a few days.

Independent calibration service

If your clients require a calibration certificate for the in measuring or surveying instruments in use, we can arrange for the fastest possible calibration, carried out in collaboration with DMT GmbH & Co. KG.

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