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Optical Survey Instruments

instrumentsGLM adjusts, uses, and markets optical survey instruments. We distinguish between three types of instruments:

  • Level (instrument to measure altitude in relative system)
  • Theodolite (instrument to measure angles)
  • Tachymeter (instrument to measure angles and distances)

On the left, all instrument types are listed which are used and offered by GLM in the fields of industrial surveying (3-D measurements) used and offered. The instruments provide 3-point accuracy of 10 mm to 0.04 mm (40 microns).

The abbreviation before the instrument name reflects the typical application location of the instruments:


Tachymeter or total stations

  • NET: These instruments are used in industrial surveying
  • SRX: The SRX line is used in the peripheral areas of industrial surveyin
  • SET: The SET series is used in traditional 3-D measurements (construction, property, archeology, etc.)


  • DT: Digital theodolites are used primarily in the assembly of machines and in high-bay warehouses


  • B series: The B series instruments, depending on design, are used in industrial and traditional surveying.
  • SDL series:
  • The SDL1X is used in industrial surveying
  • The SDL30 and the SDL50 are used in traditional surveying

The number behind the instrument name reflects the angle accuracy in arc seconds. As an example, the NET1, has an angular accuracy of 1 second, or the NET05 has an angular accuracy of 0.5 arc seconds.


The the protection class IP codes indicate the water and dust resistance of the instruments.

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