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Special Software Development
for Industrial Surveying Applications

fehlervektor_3d-vermessungGLM has surveying and measuring software for industrial applications since 1991. One of our first software developments was initially designed for shipyards and was soon adapted and expanded to the needs of quality management for rail vehicles of Deutsche Bahn AG. Within the last two decades, GLM was faced with new challenges from various industrial surveying and measuring fields (e.g. steel construction, plant construction, aircraft construction, etc.). This led to an in-house software department where all of the these lessons learned are incorporated into the development of our own range of software. Our developers and software engineers continue to be available (as consultants) for commissioned industrial surveying jobs. This experience provides the potential client with a unique framework and therefore unexpected options. For unknown situations or conditions, we will develop together with customers new plug-ins, macros, or expand existing applications. This makes it possible, for example, to map and depict results in a way that meets the specific requirements of your quality management system. This unique feature results in a reliable, flexible, and economical solution.